Science vs Imagination

Logic stabilizes a world. Imagination creates new worlds. Without logic, science, history, etc., a world will be nothing more than a dream/lucid dream that shifts chaotically from one thing to another. Without imagination, a world will be dead. Forever remaining still and uneventful.

Both are needed for a dominant reality to exist.

You will often hear materialists and scientists claim that things such as Religion, Imagination, Spirituality, Belief, etc. are often useless and hold humanity back from progress and further understanding our world. You will often hear religious figures, conspiracy theorists, and even a few spiritual leaders claim that Science, Mathematics, even sometimes History, etc. is a ploy used to destroy the spiritual sanctity of mankind and is an act of evil. Both are wrong.

Imagination is the pure essence of our reality, it’s the animating power which transforms fictional or fantastical dreams into reality. Science, logic, mathematics, etc. adds depth and stability into a dream which transforms that dream into a stable, physical world one can interact with. I had an interaction with one man who mentioned that often he would lucid dream. He loved to dream up new scenarios and oftentimes would visit different places each lucid dreaming trip when he got the chance. One time, he dreamed of a world and imagined what the history of each object was, how they got there in the first place, what happened to the people and objects in the dream to make them who they were in the moment. He expected and imagined a past and history to the world. This caused him to feel more and more cemented in the dream. He got afraid and eventually woke himself up (which was noticeably harder to do than it was usually)

Ever since I’ve heard this story, I often pondered what would happen if one went all the way. Would you be stuck in that dream world forever? Would it even be fair to call it a “dream” at that point? And what would become of this current world, would it decay? Would this currently dominant reality become the dream and eventually dismantle itself? I’ll admit, I find myself pondering this more and more recently. Considering the whole topic of Oneirosophy, of making the “real” seem like a dream world, it’s fascinating to find just how difficult it is to dismantle the history and logic that has been built up and believed in when it comes to this world for so long. Ever since we were born, we were trained (or rather, illusions of ourselves trained ourselves) to build up our logic (dream-stabilizing) capabilities. Ever notice how an infant needs a ton of sleep yet the older you get the less you sleep? This could be evident of you slowly cementing yourself into this reality over time.

And what does this mean for the afterlife? Do you return back to your natural state of chaotically shifting through everything imaginable or something indescribable before you decide to forget (or remember) and cement yourself back into a stable realm? The more I browse about this topic the more I find heartwarming and relieving to see that this dull, depressing world isn’t the only place. It isn’t the final frontier of our consciousness, and it isn’t the only place we will ever be in. We can choose to do better, we can choose to go to other places besides this one. Choose to be the artist and creator of your own perfect world, or choose to live a paradise and/or a challenging life. It’s all up to you. We all have the right to make the choice. After all, there are an infinite amount of realities to enjoy. So put on that mask and enjoy living through the infinite.

Learn to master the power of imagination and visualize the greatest joys. Learn to deconstruct your current expectations and limiting beliefs of yourself, and learn how to reconstruct the expectations and beliefs you want. You deserve to live the life you want. Don’t live the life of another who dictates what you can and can’t achieve, or can and can’t believe. It’s up to you to decide. It’s your journey.

More resources for you to get started on (or enhance) your journey:

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