Find your inner peace

People constantly say to be “stoic” and that “stoicism” is the best philosophy/attitude for life. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the best, but it’s a step in the right direction. If you are to manifest everything you desire, you need to first detach yourself from your current world, both emotionally and visually. Visually, it’s easy enough, just go into a dark room, and perhaps with the help of blocking any sound coming in, you can sit in silence for a while until you start “hallucinating”, a thinning of the self-made veil between the mental and physical worlds (which is all just one place, the physical world is a much denser and assumption-packed form of the mental/spiritual world)

But what about emotionally? How can you manifest something major that you cannot see in your physical life? Even when you try as hard as you possibly can to do various methods? The answer to these questions lie in the fact that while you are indeed separated from the physical world in terms of the senses (when performing the methods), you are not separated emotionally, which I’d argue is one of the most important aspects. To separate emotionally is you isolate your feelings/reactions from the 3D/Physical world and find out what causes you to react with what. From here, you can choose consciously to modify your emotions, reactions, and assumptions to “negative experiences” in the physical world. The less you react emotionally, the more likely it will be to disappear over time.

While that does sound simple enough, it can be enormously difficult to execute properly. After all, when we grow up thinking that the physical world is all there is and that our mental world is just a tool for us to use and isn’t exactly real, it becomes hard to flip the script. There are a few ways to do so, however, that I like to use.

One of the most direct is to assume your reality that you want to manifest to be real immediately. Next, while assuming your reality that you want to experience is real, try to set that as your mental default in your mind. Anything that you experience in the physical world try not to react negatively. Whether that be daily inconveniences or feelings of unworthiness or loathing. When you take this approach, not only do you become temporarily numb to the daily effects of the negativity wearing on your sanity and your mind, but you also slowly weaken the subconscious thoughts/habits formed over time that keep you attached to this reality.

Directly related to this is to maintain your inner self as the sole provider. Pursue what passions and what life you want to live. Don’t listen to anybody who tries to convince you that your idea is stupid, unobtainable, or selfish. No matter what, if you can think it, you can experience it. Those outside of yourself, mostly the average people, will only echo your doubts and fears if you attempt to talk to them about your desires. Remember that YOU are God of your own reality. And does a god let anybody tell them what beauties they can and can’t experience?

As long as you maintain a positive outlook on life, positive expectations, your end “feeling”, and the maintenance of your mental self, you will attain bliss in life. NEVER listen to those who try to tell you that you can’t do it. You are not them. Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right either way. Staying true to yourself and your desires, with the assumption that they are already here will allow you to attain inner peace in life. From now on, make the effort to never have another negative expectation again. Your future self will thank you for it.

Do you want to be controlled by the 3d world, or do you want the 3d world to be controlled by you?

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