Collection of Poems vol. 2

Roses and Clovers - January 21st, 2019 A garden is not completewithout roses and clovers.Too many roses, and it turns monotone,the beauty quickly wears off.Too many clovers, and it becomes nonexistant,barely visible from the rest of the ground,for the garden would become nothing specialbut a bunch of green plants in one place.But, with roses and … Continue reading Collection of Poems vol. 2

Collection of Poems vol. 1

The Almighty Gift - November 5th, 2018 The gift of worlds was given to all mankindfor it was the gift that would proceed to build society.Where all passions were born,All seeds would grow.The almighty gift allowed us a chance to breathe,To build what would become the outer realm.For the gift was the blueprint,And the outer … Continue reading Collection of Poems vol. 1

Science vs Imagination

Logic stabilizes a world. Imagination creates new worlds. Without logic, science, history, etc., a world will be nothing more than a dream/lucid dream that shifts chaotically from one thing to another. Without imagination, a world will be dead. Forever remaining still and uneventful. Both are needed for a dominant reality to exist. You will often … Continue reading Science vs Imagination