You are not your flesh

Throughout society, media, and our personal lives, almost everything we did was related back to our physical bodies. Everything was tailored either to the brain or the physical body. Even though there is this big “Brains vs Brawns” comparison, and the division of one’s self into the brain and the body, they are both aspects of the physical flesh. Society and media drills into us that all we have ever known, are, and will be, are our bodies. However, even though our bodies are given 99% of the attention of any educational or entertaining media, there is a far greater part of ourselves. One in which we knew as infants and children, but forgot as we grew older and narrowed our attention through the five physical senses.

Within you, at this moment, is the power of your attention and imagination. If you have looked at my previous posts before, you know that I have talked about using the imaginal act given by Neville Goddard to transform your reality into one that you desire. However, do you know that the products of your previous imaginal thoughts, whether accidental or on purpose, are existing all the time? Some of these structures are older than one may realize, and others may be newer. However, what surprises many people is just how literal the statement “imagination creates reality” really is. Did you know, that at this very moment, you are sitting in a conglomeration of thoughts, assumptions, and ideas formed from perhaps a few moments ago, all the way to the start of your existence?

The imagination is the present, with the physical world the past, and your strongest assumptions the future. Nothing else exists unless you choose to acknowledge it. Events occurred long ago stop happening if you remember them differently, a process that many call “revision”. With enough practice one might be able to separate himself from the assumption that time is linear altogether and be able to travel back in the assumed past.

However, that is a topic for another time. What I want to talk about today is what really consists of “you”. Everything that you have imagined is part of yourself. Right now, meditate and try to feel beyond your physical body. Eventually you might be able to feel the space around you, and possibly everything in your room. Everything you feel is just a stubborn part of your imagination that you’ve either chosen to keep around or assumed to still exist. Eventually, with enough practice, one can close their eyes, meditate, and imagine themselves to be beyond their body, limitless as they encompass everything and erase it to be just void. This is a great way to practice not only erasing your current reality, but helping you transform to a new one quickly and efficiently.

Imagining themselves and everything around them as formless is quite an exhausting task, but it is no doubt rewarding. You will know you have achieved formlessness, even for a brief period of time, when you feel a sudden shock. You will feel suddenly at ease as if everything is existing at once and yet never existed at all. It might not stay long considering it would be quite a shock to the conscious and subconscious mind, as one would experience it for the first time after countless numbers of years of using one’s attention to be constrained to one reality.

This intermediate stage is important to be able to start from a blank slate and form and shape your reality around you. It is a major step towards your conscious being accepting the fact that YOU create your reality, and will serve useful to reminding yourself that this world really is just a dream. I met a user at one point who stated that he was a lucid dreamer, and after a significant period of time in one lucid dream, he started thinking of the history behind things being the way they are in the dream, (despite the dream having only existed in the man’s mind for no more than possibly an hour) and he stated that everything started to feel real. He could almost feel pain, pleasure, hot, cold. He could almost feel as though things were solid, and as he felt that everything had a history and past inside the dream, it caused him to almost be anchored to the lucid dream. He was able to escape, but not without majorly thinking upon it and letting it serve as yet more proof that our reality is just a dream shaped by our mind.

After all, who’s to say this “reality” isn’t just our mind in a deep lucid dream? This would be fairly consistent with the way we were brought up. We first came into the world believing absolutely nothing except what we saw around us, and as we grew up in the dream, we came to learn about the supposed “past” of our nation, our people, our planet, as they claim. We came to learn about the way “logic” works in this “reality”, and we learned about the way the world currently “works”. As we learned these things either through public/private schooling or homeschooling, the way we experienced life became more in focus, and sharper. If one will recall back to their childhood, they will notice that most of their childhood seems quite blurry or dream-like up to a certain age, that is consistent with almost everybody. That’s no coincidence. At that moment one was fully anchored in this lucid dream, making it extremely difficult to escape unless one has experience or the proper knowledge on how to manipulate their own thinking.

Life is a dream, and like all dreams, you should always strive to achieve what feels right for you. Practice deconstructing this solid “realm” and recognize its dreamlike qualities. Practice deconstructing your physical body by asserting yourself as pure thought, like you originally are. Eventually, it may become permanent unless you will it otherwise. With this comes the ability to travel and create/destroy parallel “realities”, and experience creation as it was truly meant to be experienced. Have fun, and may your infinite existence be filled with experience and bliss, instead of unconsensual limitations and suffering.

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