Complete Destruction of Negative Assumptions

Every single time I’d sit down for SATS, meditation, or an imaginal act, I would constantly be interrupted by something, such as my arm, leg, or head itching. Sometimes I’d feel the need to turn over or readjust. Sometimes I’d feel as though something was crawling on me and I would feel ever so tense. For the longest time I thought this was part of the process… but just like everything, it’s not. It’s only a part of the process if you make it part. So what was my problem? I had residual beliefs and assumptions. I suddenly realized one day that the assumption that “the physical universe will constantly try to push me into not developing myself spiritually, I just have to fight back against it” was part of my belief system, even though it was mostly unconscious. It was a belief, a useless vestigial assumption formed long ago, back when I constantly browsed blogs about Astral Projecting and/or fully inhabiting a place in your imagination, back when I believed every word of those people who would say that your body tries to make it to where you can’t manifest, a constant war between Spirituality and Physicality when it was really just not the case, it was only the result of my assumption. And of course, as it got strengthened, I felt useless to try and stop it and turned to other methods, only for those to eventually fail, even if they’ve worked once or twice before.

It really is just a process unlike anything you have experienced before in your conscious life. It is much easier than you think and yet so simple. After realizing I had that belief, a simple affirmation and/or change of thought, “everything in my reality works for me, the universe encourages me, etc.”

If you have any struggle in manifestation, any struggle in going to bed with the wish fulfilled, for any reason, assume that the opposite is true. Do you have trouble staying still while visualizing and thinking from your desire? Proudly affirm and believe something along the lines of, “I feel at ease and in the moment when visualizing my desire”. Do you have trouble visualizing in clear detail and believing it real when doing SATS or similar acts? Proudly affirm/believe something like, “I can visualize just as vividly and easily as I can see the physical realm.”

It’s only hard and long because we make it hard and long. Honestly even after reading works of Neville probably a thousand times over in the course of just under two years, I’m still learning new things. Things I have probably read before but just now come to the conclusion of what they truly mean.

Everything is just down to imagination. Have the belief that you will succeed, and you will. No matter the “physical” “limitations”. No matter what those shadows of the world of Caesar who claim to be smarter and more powerful than you say. You are in control of your destiny, always. Even your assumptions have assumptions. Chip away at those negative affirmations and you will be in total control.

Few people often realize just how much thought goes into your life. Not only conscious thoughts, but subconscious thoughts. When we take a look past everything and truly realize that our mind, thoughts, and assumptions create reality, we truly realize just the full extent of our powers, and how we constantly abuse them. There have been countless times when even just the emotion of fear was enough to manifest what I feared into my reality. It is a truly bizarre thing to witness consciously. Once you start witnessing all the “coincidences” of reality, rarely are you ever able to stop.

Everything is filled to the brim with assumptions that don’t have to be there, even your manifestations. It truly is all in the mind, and the game that one has to play to truly become god of their reality is one which almost no person has played before. It’s not one of intellect, no, not even one of power or cleverness. It is one of the utmost attentive, one who knows what assumptions will bring about what, and which assumptions control which.

If you can manifest yourself to be good at manifesting, or truly believe that you have the power to imagine something just as real as the physical world, then your power will truly be exponential, instead of linear. It is true then, naturally, that everything in this world has its purpose, and that purpose was expressed by your imagination sometime in the past. Whether through unconscious beliefs, fantasies, passing thoughts, or emotions.

From now on, choose to be the architect you want for your reality. If you knew the right place to start, the right place to do, and the right way to feel, you could be in Equestria or any other place you would ever want to be in by tomorrow. That is the law, and that is the promise. Fulfill your desire and your destiny, one step at a time.

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