Vegetarianism and You

Now, today’s topic that I’m going to be discussing is not necessarily applicable towards everyone, but rather specific groups of people, especially the certain groups that want to make their transition to Equestrian or Neo-Equestrian life easier.

If you plan to go to Equestria or transform this world into an Equestrian-like place, and plan to be in a pony body, then your best course of action in terms of diet, is to stick with a vegetarian lifestyle. This isn’t a requirement but rather a suggestion in order to make the process of transitioning from a human to a pony much easier.

But I think it’s important for me to draw a distinction here. Vegetarianism is not the same thing as veganism. While ponies are vegetarian, they are not vegan. Veganism is abstaining from anything deriving from animals, including eggs, marshmallows, milk, you name it. Vegetarianism is only abstaining from foods that require one to slaughter an animal, such as meat.

Equestrian ponies are naturally herbivores (with the exception of dairy products) and as such making the transition from being an omnivorous apex predator to an herbivorous creature can be quite a jarring experience if not properly prepared.

So, everyone who wants to become a pony is recommended, not required, to become a vegetarian beforehand in order to make the process easier on themselves whenever they transform into Neo-Equestrians/Equestrians.

I myself have been a vegetarian for around four to five years now, and I’ve found that there are some tips for greatly maximizing your ease in transitioning from an omnivorous diet to an herbivorous diet. First, the transition phase. There are either two options, each one works better for one or another, depending on how you are.

The first type is quitting cold turkey. I have done this, and it has shown promising for me. However, you can also taper off of the meat over a long period of time and I’ve heard that for some this is very promising as well.

Afterwards you might feel any cravings for meat, and you can accommodate this by the many meat substitutes out there on the market today. There are substitutes for burgers, sausages, you name it. You might even find that your desire for meat will taper off.

Some notable brands of meat substitutes include Morning Star and Beyond Meat. Remember, anything dairy is acceptable, as ponies have been typically found in Equestria to consume these and even keep some livestock for this purpose.

Obviously, you don’t need to follow this guide if your plan is to become a Griffon, Hippogriff, or Dragon as these are all omnivorous species that live in Equestria. Just remember to plan ahead, and try to prepare to make your journey to Equestria/Neo-Equestria a more pleasant one.

May Celestia and Luna bless our journeys ahead into the great future unknown.

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