How to Continue Living On and Driving to Complete Your Goals

Whenever I woke up this morning, I felt worse than I had ever been before. I felt groggy, I felt tired, and I felt as if I had no energy. I felt as if I was going to die. Not physically, maybe, but mentally/spiritually. I felt the worst I have ever felt in a long time.

Sometimes you’ll feel like giving up on life, sometimes you’ll feel as though everything is not worth it in the end, that there’s nothing more you want to do than to just cry yourself to sleep or lay in bed and do nothing all day. Which then turns into the next couple of days, then all week, and soon even months and years are spent like this.

You may feel as though there’s nothing worth it. You may feel there’s no use struggling in life to see what you want the world to be, you just feel like laying in bed and never getting back up, or possibly even thinking of doing the unthinkable. You may feel like everything’s hopeless/useless and that there’s nothing you can do about it.

In fact, a lot of times I have experienced this. But to this I have to say, do not go gently into that good night. Fight to see the world fit your vision, try to become as lively and emotional as possible with your perceived vision of what the world should be, and act to make that a reality.

When I woke up this morning, I had thought that all was lost, all was hopeless. Celestia whispered into my ear that this was not so, that I had to keep fighting, for a better me, and a better world. When you’re feeling down, remind yourself of what’s most important: your vision. If you tunnel into your vision of a better world, nothing will stand in your way.

The only force that can be truly against us, is ourselves. Rest for a while, if you absolutely must, but don’t let yourself spiral in continuous spiritual and mental atrophy. As Celestia has once said, the show must go on, and so must you.

I’ve noticed that every time I almost spiral down into a deep depression, Those Two are there to lift me up out of the darkness. Rarely do my pony dreams happen, but when they do, it’s Luna and sometimes even Celestia reminding me of the importance of staying focused, of having a clear vision.

I try to post every single day but of course there can even be a week of confusion and a week of sadness, pain, atrophy, and suffering. Of course, in those days you must remind yourself that whatever goal you attempt to set, you can succeed.

So, strive for success! Tunnel your vision down to just seeing your goals, and once you have those goals in place act as if they are already reality! And once that is done, nothing will stop you from accomplishing your goals, nor will anybody, anybody but yourself. Keep up the momentum.

I’ve even noticed that a lot of times, when I have something that I feel like needs doing but my spirit isn’t willing, it is a deep struggle. However, when both my spirit and mind are up to it, the task flows like water in order to become complete, such as this post. It felt so good and so relaxing to create this blogpost, because my spirit yearned for it to be made, for it to have made its completion, to reach out to others.

The material world, the world of Caesar, whatever name you give it, only exists in the past. Your mind, thoughts, goals, dreams, etc. is, in a way, the present moment. You create, with your vision, what you most think about. That is the power of the mind and the Celestial power inside of you and us all.

May we all be blessed by the powers of Celestia and Luna. Amen.

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