Religions/Hobbies and its importance to Capitalism

Hello everyone, as you might have guessed after a year of silence this is a bit of a different post on the relationship between Spirituality, Religion, etc.

However, this will be less about Spirituality and more about the constructed Religions of today. The religions of today have provided a structure for societies to have a sort-of double-edged sword. Not only do they have to follow the rules of their nation, they also have to follow the rules of their religion lest they be kicked out and starved to death, or in some religious extremist nations killed.

The United States, as well as many western nations are in a peculiar scenario where being irreligious is encouraged, but also puts one at a disadvantage when it comes to making connections in the job market. Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc. are great for posting jobs, but according to some estimates, up to 70% of all jobs are not published on public websites, and research shows that 80% of jobs are instead filled through networking, where one person knows the other and is able to give a good reference.

This, of course, does not bode well for the average individual whom prefers to go his own path alone. In order to make money, he must have a job. In order to have a job, he must make connections. It doesn’t matter what degree you have if you don’t have connections and if people don’t gossip about you behind your back.

Now, you may ask, what does this have to do with Religion? I believe religion plays a big role in fulfilling the needs of many of the decayed systems of the current Capitalistic society. Ironically, the more one travels away from any form of Christianity/Islam/Judaism, the more one finds it difficult to find connections and to support ones’ self and others.

Unfortunately in this modern age, many people are still practicing the religions of old, following the old laws, but that is also a double-edged sword for them, because this still provides them with many of the help needed between each other. Each member of a religious group, or even a group in general, helps each other; provided they are not thieves.

Religion is, of course, not the only way for people to congregate. Any hobbies people might have such as fishing, hunting, soccer, basketball, football, you name it, you could probably find someone to talk to who knows somebody in such a high position. Hell, even bars are good places to find people of like-minded individuals to chat with and make friends with.

Regardless, take this as a P.S.A. that whatever you see on your main street, any retail signs posting for whatever amount an hour, any Walmart or Home Depot or any retail stores hiring, I guarantee you if you have the skills you can find a job that is ten times better then what they offer you.

TL;DR Get more involved with your local community, and they’ll be more involved with you. You could always continue finding jobs online, but that tends to not work out well for many people after a while.


With your expendable income, invest some in cryptocurrency, others in a few companies (especially considering the recession happening right now) and within a few years if the economy recovers from the 2020s you should be safe and sound with all your newfound wealth!

(And if none of that works out, you could always move in with a group home or a commune, there are several out in the midwest. I’m currently moving to one to help jumpstart myself and my partner in the world)

Regardless, take care of yourself, update your resume, watch your income, and Harmony bless us all.

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